War of the Knife

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The War of the Knife was a conflict fought from 1700 AN to 1705 AN in the Green of northern Keltia between the descendants of Riccard Amundsson, notably the line of the "Einhorns in the Green", thereafter the "Greenhorns", and the renegade scion known as Knotaric who, along with his progeny (the Blackhorns), had pledged themselves to the Stripping Path of the Bassarids. Culminated in the Siege upon the Mount (13–24.V.1705 AN) whereafter the power of the Blackhorns was for a time broken, allowing the Greenhorns and their allies some respite from the cultist onslaught.

The war derived its name from the blade with which Knotaric would dispatch those of his captured kin who fell into his power, offered up in ritualistic sacrifice to placate the Mother of the World Fungus.