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'''[[Monarchy of Caputia]]'''
'''[[Monarchy of Caputia]]'''
[[Queen Elizabeth I of Caputia]]
[[Queen Elizabeth I | Queen Elizabeth I of Caputia]]
[[House of Rothborne]]
[[House of Rothborne]]
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'''Political Parties''':  
'''Political Parties''':  
[[File:NatUnity.png|20px]] [[National Unity Party]] | [[File:NSFParty.png|20px]] [[National Salvation Front]] |
[[File:NatUnity.png|20px]] [[National Unity Party]] | [[File:NSFParty.png|20px]] [[National Salvation Party]] |
[[File:LiberalLeague.png|20px]] [[Liberal League]] | [[File:Hatunah.png|20px]] [[Hatunah]]  
[[File:LiberalLeague.png|20px]] [[Liberal League]] | [[File:Hatnuah.png|20px]] [[Hatnuah]]  

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The Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

The Declaration of Zalae
Constitution Act, 2017
Proclamation of Accession

Monarchy of Caputia

Queen Elizabeth I of Caputia

House of Rothborne

Her Majesty's Government

Prime Minister of Caputia

The Executive Office of the Prime Minister of Caputia


Ministry of Home Affairs | Ministry of Defense | Her Majesty's Treasury | Ministry of Reconstruction and Infrastructure | Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Woolsack

The Parliament at Zalae City Hall

Parliamentary Research Service

Political Parties:

NatUnity.png National Unity Party | NSFParty.png National Salvation Party |

LiberalLeague.png Liberal League | Hatnuah.png Hatnuah

Other institutions

Bellesea Palace | Privy Council of Caputia | Armed Forces of Caputia | Independent Agencies