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Small Convention on Forum Based Weapons

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The Small Convention on Forum Based Weapons is an ancillary treaty of the Micras Treaty Organisation.

State Parties

Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Shireroth Shireroth


1. Any nation who has signed the General Membership Treaty may sign this Small Convention on Forum Based Weapons.

2. All signatory nations agree to refrain from and condemn the use of Forum Based Weapons.

3. Forum Based Weapons include any weapon meant to disrupted, prohibit or undermine the operation of a nation's forum or other means of public communications.

3a. Known Forum Weapons include, but are not limited to, Smiley Bombs, Spam Cannons, Posts with disruptive embedded scripts, and manual spamming of forums.

4. The use of Forum Based Weapons against a nation is considered a hostile and aggressive act of malevolent intent, intended to inflict harm upon said nation.

5. Upon giving notice, any signatory nation may exit this treaty.

6. This treaty may be amended by a 3/4ths majority of signatory nations.