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Built atop the ruins of the former capital of the State of Sandus, the city of Sinclair is the center of commerce in Passio-Corum. It serves as the nation’s primary port of entry; all ships bringing goods into the country, or sailing them out, pass through Sinclair. Likewise, in order to gain residency permits or citizenship applications, all immigrants must pass through Sinclair’s Customs Office. Crime is common here, though security is very tight. Many of the city’s residents, who are primarily Passasian immigrants, suspect the local police of being involved with criminal elements, despite the police’s public, hard stance against crime.

Despite matters of potential corruption, the city of Sinclair is home to several large and elegant parks, both in and around the city. To the West of the city, one may visit the mangrove swamps which grow abundantly in the semi-tropical climate of the Northern peninsula, while to the East of the city, numerous secluded beaches await the weary traveler and his or her special companion. If relaxing on the beach doesn’t pique one’s interest, there are numerous opportunities in Sinclair to go deep sea fishing in the Sea of Storms, or to take a cruise to the Wallis Islands or beyond. When sailing on the high seas however, one is advised to practice caution. The waterways of Northern Corum are home to a wide array of of strange creatures, some of which have been known to attack boats.