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Politics of Alduria-Wechua

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Politics of Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua
Polity type Federal constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy
Constitution (Interim) Proclamation of Punta Santiago
Legislative branch
Name Federal Constituent Assembly (Interim, 1685 - 1687)
Type Unicameral
Meeting place Government House
Punta Santiago, Alduria
Presiding officer Adalberto Muñiz y Pachanqui, Speaker
Executive branch
Head of State
Title King
Currently Manco Capac I
Head of Government
Title 1
Currently 2
Appointer 3
Name 4
Current cabinet 5
Leader 6
Deputy leader 7
Appointer 8
Headquarters 9
Ministries 10
Judicial branch
Name 11
Courts 13
Chief judge 15
Seat 16
Chief judge 18
Seat 19