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Federal Constituent Assembly

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The Federal Constituent Assembly is Alduria-Wechua's unicameral legislative body, convened in an "interim period" that began with the Proclamation of Punta Santiago in 20.XV.1685 AN. On 12.I.1687 AN, the Assembly passed a binding resolution that extended the term of the interim government through 1678 AN, to allow for further development of the new Constitution and for the organization of a series of national referenda to approve the new constitution and other laws.

The Assembly has 759 members. The main purpose of the Assembly is to draft the new constitution for the Federation of Alduria and the Wechua Nation. It is also tasked with creating a new basic body of laws for the Federation to facilitate further integration and organize the new government. It was formed as the result of the first Federal Reapportionment process that followed the Proclamation of Punta Santiago, where the national legislatures of Alduria and the Wechua Nation were joined into one. Seats were added to ensure that both Regions would have the same amount of seats each, 342. There is one seat reserved for an independent and impartial Speaker of the Assembly. There are two seats reserved for independent non-voting representatives of the King, currently Crown Prince Titu and Francis Joseph IV, the Titular Emperor of the Alexandrians. On 12.I.1687 AN, the Assembly passed a binding resolution that extended the term of the Assembly and also added 72 more seats to be split between two new Regions, Santander, Valencia, and the new capital, Cárdenas.

The Coalition for Federal Progress, a political alliance between the Democratic Socialist Party and 20 independents in Alduria and the Social Democrat Club, the Alexandrian & Caputian Party, and the National & Humanist Club in the Wechua Nation, was the largest party in the Federal Constituent Assembly. The CFP holds 393 seats in the Constituent Assembly.

The Federal Constituent Assembly is presided over by an independent elected Speaker, assisted by a Deputy Speaker and other parliamentary officials. The current Speaker is Arabella Arthur, who previously served as Governor of the Aldurian state of Mondego from 1678 AN to 1683 AN. She was elected by the Assembly with near-unanimous support.

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