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|nick = The Capital, Birthplace of the Nation
|nick = The Capital, Birthplace of the Nation
|motto = ''"Yr Hen Brifddinas"''
|motto = ''"Yr Hen Brifddinas"''
|map = {{Image label begin|image=Blank Map Calbion.png|link=|width={{{width|250}}}|float={{{float|none}}}|font-size=115%}}
|map = File:Pentyre Location.png
{{Image label small|100%|x=0.73|y=0.72|scale={{{width|650}}}|text={{Image label dot|Pentyre|right}}}}{{Image label end}}
|mapversions = 15.0.5 - ''current''
|mapversions = 15.0.5 - ''current''
|Country = Calbion
|Country = Calbion

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Dinas Pentyre
City of Calbion
Pentyre photomontage
Clockwise, from top: Prince Llywelyn II street, statue of Prince Jack I, Harrow's Commons, home of the Cynulliad Cenedlaethol, the Port of Pentyre
Coat of Arms of Pentyre
Coat of Arms of Pentyre
Motto: "Yr Hen Brifddinas"
Location of Pentyre
Map versions 15.0.5 - current
Country Calbion
Talaith Ynys y Calbain
Established 1401 (first recorded settlement)
1598 (Grant of City Rights)
Government City of Pentyre Government
 • Maer Conan Davies
 • Legislature Cyngor y Pentyre
 • Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Constituency Pentyre Central
Pentyre Sant Abram
Pentyre West
Sant Regina
Caer y Llywelyn
Pentyre South-East
Princely University
Population 621,000
Demonym Pentyrach
Time zone(s) CMT-7 (Pentyre Standard Time)

Pentyre (officially Dinas Pentyre, Calbic for City of Pentyre) is the capital and largest city of Calbion. It is located on the Ynys y Calbain, the most populated talaith of the nation. Pentyre is one of the oldest Calbain cities, although it remained small until the 16th century AN. The later Princes of the Calbain held court in Pentyre, and although the city was not designated as a formal capital until 1596, it has been regarded as the birthplace of the Calbain nation. In modern times, Pentyre experienced a rapid growth due to industrialisation and the opening of international trade. The port of Pentyre is one of the largest entrepots in the world and the city has been a primary harbor for international trading companies since the 1630s. In addition to being the capital and the most populous city of Calbion, it is also the seat of government and home to Calfari Hall, the official residence of the Prince of the Calbain, as well as Harrow's Commons, the meeting place of the Cynulliad Cenedlaethol, Calbion's unicameral parliament.


The name Pentyre derives from the Calbic words pen, meaning head, and tire, which was an ancient term for a land or a region. The name Pentyre was originally the name of the middle region of the Ynys y Calbain that stretches from the Calbain sea to the Great Western Sea, the so-called neck. This region is the heartland of Calbain culture and also the place of origin of the Calbain people.


Historically, Pentyre was a small settlement located around the court of the Prince. There is some evidence of prehistoric occupation of the area. In its earlier days, the settlement was overshadowed by places such as Old Enhasa and Windsor, which have largely been destroyed but are currently incorporated within the city of Pentyre. Only after the establishment of the Calbain state, following the arrival of Jack I, the city experienced a rapid growth. Formal city rights were granted in 1598.


The port of Pentyre is the main economic hub of the Calbain nation. From here, ships leave towards all the ends of Micras. Many major international and national companies hold offices in the trade district, which is located on Fillach Hill near the port.