Jan-van-Gent VII Model

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Jan-van-Gent VII Model
Jan van Gent VII.png
Type: Transport plane
Manufacturer: Heimat Industries

In service: 6130 ASC - present
Used by:
Flag Jingdao.png
Jingdaoese Empire
Unit cost: 0 Anunia Points
Status: In service
A freight-carrying Jan van Gent VII of El Kal, the national airline of Kalgachia.

The Jan-van-Gent VII Model is a transport plane developed by Heimat Industries for the Jingdaoese Armed Forces. It saw extensive use during the Euran War with the deployment of over 200,000 soldiers to the Euran continent. The aircraft's reliability and ease of maintenance has made it a popular Jingdaoese export.