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Chelkran Kesh

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Chelkran Kesh

Flag of Chelkran Kesh
Coat of Arms of Chelkran Kesh
Coat of arms
Location of Alphaville
Capital Chelkra
Major cities Chelkra
Demonym Chelkran
 - Adjective Chelkran
Area 69,264 km²
 - Ranked
Population 380,820 (909 WG)
 - Ranked
Density 5.49/km²
Abbreviation CK


Originally established in 15.30 PSSC as a province of the Kingdom of Toketi, Chelkran Kesh is a mystical land, still lightly imbued with the magical energies of its founders. Indeed, it is also a land which has had a tremendous impact on the development of Pallisican culture. With a common cultural heritage which dates back to the late 16th era, when Passas and Chelkran Kesh were unified into a single state under the rule of the Confederacy of Gralus, the Pallisican and Chelkran peoples have long considered themselves friends, and informal allies. This relationship was formalized in the 32nd era, when the city of Chelkra was annexed by the Greater Pallisican Trade Association.

Today, Chelkran Kesh serves as the central headquarters of the New Zimian Temple Authority.


Climate and Topography

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Sea Level Coastal Plains High Plains Highlands Mountains
Cwc X X X
Cfa X
Cfc X


The primary mode of transportation in Chelkran Kesh is sail. With that said, the Chelkran capital city is connected to other settlements by an ancient network of roads constructed during the era of Gralan rule in the region.

Military Installations

While there are no permanent military installations in Chelkran Kesh, the island is defended by the New Zimian War League, as well as by the private security forces of the New Zimian Temple Authority.

Protected Areas

Although it is not formally recognized as a protected area, the Tokish ruins of Minas Nur, in the far northern reaches of Chelkran Kesh, are regarded by practitioners of the Pallisican Religion as being sacred.