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Cambio Democratico

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Cambio Democratico
Party logo
Leader Paula Ferraro de Sole
Chairman Felix Vargás Luis
Founded 1672 AN
Headquarters Puerto Arcadio, Los Liberados
Political ideology Pro-democracy, Liberalism, Indigenous rights
Political position Centre
Colours Gold
Parliamentary seats
50 / 125

Cambio Democratico (Democratic Change) is the main opposition party of Los Liberados. The party was formed in 1672 in the run up to the 1673 elections for the Liberadosan unicameral parliament, the Asamblea Nacional de la República. Leader is Paula Ferraro, who previously led the Forward movement. The party promotes liberal values, and fights for more democracy in Los Liberados thereby directly going against the governing Junta. Another major issue is the rights of the Timaro people in the South of the country.

The party did well in the 1673 elections, where they won 40 seats, and became the main force of opposition against the government of President Jacobo Castrigo.

Following the assumption of the Presidency by Rodrigo Calderón, Cambio Democratico adopted economic liberalism in direct response to the policy of economia liberada. As a result, many business leaders, including Iron Company officials, shifted from the PLN and supported Ferraro's movement. Cambio Democratico also received financial support from foreign donors.