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Nation: Selseleye Gozariye (Gozar Dynasty)
(Claimed by Constancia)
Population: 20,112 within the walls, 162,121 beyond the pale
Predominant language: Babkhi

Main roads: Lapis Road
Major districts: Port, Shahryvar District, Medinat District, Munshi District, Abode of Sighs, Crater Town

Current mayor: n/a - ruling Durbar comprised of several nominally 'elected' officials
Map versions: -

Arâk, a semi-independent city-state on Razjanian coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, facing towards Ajam Bay. Presently a tributary to the Gozar Dynasty whose power lays to the north in the Razjanian interior, but claimed by the Constancians during mid-1670.