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Nation: Constancia
Population: 49,870 within the walls, 300,078 beyond the pale
Predominant language: Babkhi

Main roads: Lapis Road
Major districts: Port, Shahryvar District, Medinat District, Munshi District, Abode of Sighs, Crater Town

Current mayor: Archiploiarchos Ioannes Radenos
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Arâk was a semi-independent city-state on Razjanian coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, facing towards Ajam Bay. Formerly a tributary to the Gozar Dynasty whose power lays to the north in the Razjanian interior, but occupied by the Constancians during mid-1670. It is presently a part of the Prosgeiosi Basileus ruled by a military governor, although an informal consultative council known as the Durbar, comprised of prominent local residents, "advises" the governor regarding local matters.

It elected 3 deputies to the 4th Imperial Synkletos in the 1677 elections.

Home port for the Octavian Import-Export Corporation during its exilic period and the 1st Flotilla of the Proti Stratia.

Location of the terminus of the Aldurian National Pipeline System, Arak Oil Terminal, which was built with Aldurian assistance and operated by the Imperial State of Constancia since 1678 via the Ministry of Energy.

It is presently a major import-export, economic zone, and industrial location, home of the Arak Repair Yards of ESB Submersible and factories of Superabundance Foods Inc. It is also the primary locator that leads to the Despoinapolis special economic zone.

The ancient Satraps of Razjania used to amuse themselves by throwing great crowds of foreign travelers into the hungry maw of the monstrous sea-serpent that was once the terror of this coast.