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The Duchy of Altamore is located along the western central border of Gotzborg. It is bordered on the east by Alhemia, Antin, Kerinberg, and Lucerne, and on the south by Montbeliard and the Anthelian Duchy of Alosta.


Altamore had been in the Davidson / Davis family for a great many years. It was in 1916 that Duke Altamore's Great-Great Grandfather moved away from Altamore, and Gotzborg, and settled in the United States. Recently, His Royal Majesty, King August Charles II, has honoured His Grace by returning Altamore to his family - in recognition of his hard work and tireless service to the Crown. We are ever grateful for this, and will remain steadfast in our dedication to the Crown and Kingdom.

Society, Culture & Governance

Military Contribution

The primary military facility is the Royal Army Barracks in Altamore and its most famous military landmark is the Western Border Fort which sits along the foothills of the mountains and was built in the 1800's with a large network of underground bunkers to house the soldiers who lived there in the winter.. Altamore's most notable Army regiment is the 32nd Regiment of Infantry (Friedenstruppen Regiment) stationed at Altamore.