Verlocke Cosmodrome

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Verlocke Cosmodrome
Romtehaven Verlocke
Red pog.png
Code: PBVC
Airport type Spaceport
Owner/Operator Confederate States Armed Forces
Serves Victoria Naval Station
Location Port Balaine Port Balaine,
Floria Floria
Built 1689 AN
Commander Vacant
Elevation AMSL 13 ft / 4 m
Coordinates 5°S, 2°W
Direction Length Surface
ft m
06/24 8,202 2,500 Asphalt

The Verlocke Cosmodrome is the a space center and rocket range located in the Autonomous State of Port Balaine, owned by the Confederate States of Floria. The cosmodrome is comprised of three facilities, Site Alpha (one launchpad) and Site Gamma (three launchpads), used for military and civilian rocketry respectively, and Site Delta, a 2,500 m runway utilized for horizontal takeoff and landing operations, as well as deliveries of vehicles and supplies.

The cosmodrome lies on the east coast of Port Balaine, along the North Raynor Sea. It meets the two geographical requirements of a spaceport: it is located near the equator (approximently 5° S), and an open sea lies to the east, allowing lower rocket stages and launch failures to fall away from inhabited areas.

The Verlocke Cosmodrome serves satellite operations of Floria, in addition to a major source of income and funding for the confederation. The cosmodrome serves as a platform for private satellite missions worldwide, as well as governmental flights for nations without sufficient facilities or ability (e.g. polar and sub-polar).