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Republic of Varja
Official language English
Capital Kovocha
Largest cities Kovocha, Concord
Website Third Republic of Varja Website
Forum Third Republic of Varja Website
Number of citizens 9
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation Inactive)
Date founded 15th July 2002
Government Parliamentary Democracy
Current leader Zarathustra Erutirn
Currency unknown
National animal unknown
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 4.5.7 - 6.6.0

First Republic of Varja

from 'Microscope' by Scott Alexander

Varja was founded on July the 15th 2002 by a certain “El’Dorni”, whom Eoin Dornan was convinced for a while was trying to rip off his name. El’Dorni came from Elendor, a Lord of the Rings role-playing game, and brought some of his Elendorite friends with him as Varja’s first few citizens. Among them were Zarathustra Erutirn, a stubborn but practical Idahoan who served as El’Dorni’s right-hand man, and Sirithil nos Feanor, a Canadian conservative who role-played an elven queen and who didn’t like El’Dorni much from the beginning. Others, destined to play less important roles, included token monarchist Gozzle, communist toady Friedrich Bakunin, and Sirithil’s friends Adam Safran and Phoenix Valor. Varja declared itself communist, achieved decent relations with Baracao, and got well on its way to its first election without anyone caring overly much about yet another new nation.

Then Baracaoan Dafydd Young made an interesting discovery – El’Dorni’s email address revealed him to in fact be Thomas Hubert, former micronational troublemaker, long believed to be disappeared. Those who remembered Hubert’s former antics raised a hue and cry, demanding that he begone or at least explain himself. Thomas launched into a frankly improbable story about how his former antics had all been but a joke – he called it “playing a character” – but now the real, serious, likeable Thomas Hubert was here to stay. Zarathustra – who people were already starting to just call Zary – angrily defended his Prime Minister, telling people they should be ashamed to judge him by his past actions when he said very clearly he did not intend to repeat them. Eventually everyone agreed to just watch and see what happened.

What happened was not long in coming. When Sirithil won the election to replace Hubert as Prime Minister of Varja, Hubert annulled the election and expelled Sirithil from the country. A number of her supporters, and of neutrals disgusted at this dictatorial action, followed her. With only Hubert, Zary, and a few other communists remaining in Varja, Sirithil founded the Imperium of Menelmacar.

Socialist Varja (Second Republic)

Baracãoan Varja

Third Republic and Decline