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Treaty of Rherci

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The Treaty of Rherci is a treaty signed between Calbion and Sankt Ludwigshafen in 1691 AN that established a framework of friendship and cooperation between the two signatory nations. It was signed as part of the "Agoriad" policy persued by the realist Calbain government.


Sankt Ludwigshafen and Calbion had become neighbours following the colonisation of Ynys Fforst by Calbion. Seeking to develop a friendly relationship, President Klaudius Buchsteller and Governor-General Richard ab Ioan met in private in the town of Rherci, capital of the Ynys Fforst. During this meeting, a treaty was agreed and signed.


Treaty of Rherci Castle on friendship, non-aggression and economic cooperation between the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen and the Land of the Calbain.

The Governor-General of Calbion and the President of the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen,

Acknowledging their respective positions as nations, committed to international freedom and sovereignty, resolve to establish relations of friendship and cooperation in order to withstand the rising prominence of supranational and imperialist power blocs, have come to agree upon the following principles established in this TREATY:

Article 1. Calbion and the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen recognize the other's sovereignty and right to self-rule of its state, its peoples, and its government institutions.

Article 2. Calbion and the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen recognize one another as the rightful owner of all territory that they claim on the MCS map with the consent of the Council of the MCS.

Article 3. Calbion and the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen commit to resolve all mutual disputes peacefully, using a neutral third party agreed to by both should this prove impossible by normal channels.

Article 4. Calbion and the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen shall remain open and accessible to visitors from one another, barring national emergencies or other such security issues. Citizens of the states shall be able to apply for visa on arrival. No unnecessary burden may be placed on the obtaining of visas.

Article 5. Calbion and the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen shall have proper and open channels of communication so to facilitate dialogue and future cooperation. For that end, Calbion shall open an embassy in the city of Sankt Ludwigshafen, and Sankt Ludwigshafen shall open an embassy in Pentyre. Both parties shall accept the letters of credence of their respective ambassadors.

Article 6. Calbion and the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen shall not engage in or sponsor any covert or overt military activity against the peoples or government institutions of the other.

Article 7. Calbion and the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen affirm their commitment to international free trade, and shall refrain from placing tariffs on each others goods. In addition, sea-, and airports shall be open to shipments of goods from the other party.

Article 8. Calbion and the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen endeavour to strengthen economic ties by opening its local markets to registered companies of the other nation.

Article 9. This treaty may only be amended, revised, enlarged and expanded upon the concurrence of both signatory parties. Any contrary action or measure shall be null and void.

Article 10. This treaty shall enter into force upon ratification of both signatories in accordance with their native constitutional procedures.

Article 11. The signatory parties may repeal this treaty on the condition of a notice of one year according to the calendar of Emperor Norton.

Signed on the XII.1691 in the city of Rherci

For Calbion: Richard ab Ioan, Governor-General

For Sankt Ludwigshafen: Klaudius Buchsteller, President