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Template:Fs start, Template:Fs player, Template:Fs mid and Template:Fs end are designed to be used together to format a detailed squad list for association football club teams.

{{fs start|age=}}
{{fs player|no= |nation= |pos= |name= |other= |age= }}
{{fs mid|age=}}
{{fs end}}

Parameter notes

When used with fs start and fs mid, specifically entered as |age=y, allows for an extra column to be added to the table headers for players' ages.
When used with fs player, gives an option to manually input the age of a player.
Relies on Template:Team flag to display the flag of the player's nationality, therefore only requires the nation's name to be entered. Alternatively, use |nat= instead for an option to enter a flag image manually.
Playing position, requires specific English-language abbreviations to be entered to produce wikilinks: GK for goalkeepers, DF for defenders, MF for midfielders and FW for forwards.
Optional parameter. Inserts a parenthesised detail after a player's name; primarily used for details such as specifying the team captain or noting that a player is on loan.


{{fs start}}
{{fs player |no=1 |nation=Floria |pos=GK |name=Eddie Examplé |other=captain}}
{{fs mid|age=y}}
{{fs player |no=2 |nat=[[File:Etourney flag.png|23px|border|Etourney]] |pos=DF |name=Examplinho |age=22}}
{{fs end}}

produces the following:

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Floria GK Eddie Examplé (captain)
No. Position Player Age
2 Etourney DF Examplinho 22