South Mondesia

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Union of South Mondesia
Union ven Suid Mondezia
Official language English, Afrikaans (?)
Capital Bernington
Largest cities Auckland, Regmenton, Ottington, Cape Town
Website South Mondesia Website Archive
Forum South Mondesian Forum Archive
Number of citizens 10
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation Inactive, annexed to Shireroth)
Date founded 10th December 2001
Government Presidential Republic
Current leader President Peter Little
Currency unknown
National animal unknown
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 3.5.0 (as an independent nation)
4.5.5 - 6.6.2 (as Shirereithan territory)

South Mondesia was founded on the 10th of December 2001 by Peter Little and had a loose New Zealand and South African theme throughout various stages of its history. It was originally a union of two smaller micronations founded by Little- Saskberta and Camerica, two of the first nations to join the Micro-Monde Mapping Organisation (only Amerada and New Macadam were in the organisation before them) which was at this time a rival to the MCS. Though only surviving just over three years and certainly not one of the most influential micronations at the time, it is however important in micronational history given its central role in the rise of Babkha and the decline of Tymaria.


South Mondesia under Peter Little initially enjoyed the success of a smoothly functioning government and at first, ten active citizens including Little himself, before a chain of diplomatic events led to its swift decline. On the 21st of January 2002, Glen Bohach, a friend of Little's, declared North Mondesia independent of South Mondesia as the United Dominions of North Mondesia, adopting a Celtic cultural theme with two provinces named Monlan and Gwyndor. The seccession weakened South Mondesian power, as it was also threatened by Amerada. This saw a move in Mondesian sympathies with Tymaria, and South Mondesia signed a non-aggression pact with the Tymarians in February 2002, impressed with the political power Tymaria could wield as a friend of Mondesia.

South Mondesia was already divided and humiliated by the seccession before Babkha began to take an interest in the situation. Empowered by its success in the War of the Orchids, Osman Shahanshah of Babkha invaded South Mondesia in a RecWar commonly known as the 'Mondesian Genocide' (Babkha-e-Jihad) of Winter 2002. This saw two Babkhan citizens (Philip Locke and Sean Walker) attempt to declare themselves Khans of Mondesia, and by the first week of the invasion Little's regime was so weak it had to take sanctuary in Shireroth, giving the Shirereithans enormous power to decide Mondesia's future with its President in exile in Shirekeep. Little appealed to Shireroth, which was now part of Tymaria, for aid and to everyone's surpise agreed to make South Mondesia a Shirereithan protectorate in return. Little toyed with the idea of making South Mondesia a state of Tymaria, but this plan was shot down by South Mondesia's legislature and Little joined Tymaria of his own accord as a citizen of the Free Republic.

However, despite Shireroth securing South Mondesian territory from the advancing Babkhan forces, it was clear that South Mondesian independence would not last for long and as the Yardistani Annexation Corps overran South Mondesia, Little left micronationalism and South Mondesia became a Shirereithan protectorate; a 'Free State', with Erik Mortis its titular King. However, this state of affairs would not last long and though many former South Mondesian citizens urged Little to return and resurrect his Republic once more, he declined. South Mondesia's protectorate status only lasted a few months before it became a Duchy, then a fully integrated region of Shireroth, before finally disappearing altogether.

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