SG-6 Raftback

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The SG-6 Raftback is an armored vehicle developed by Solaris-Gibarian as a modernized version of their previous SG-1 Baker King design. The primary focus was improvements to the SG-1 Mobile Gun variant, which inspired the new vehicle's byname (Pr. Raþoï-Buhs "Wheeled Gun"). The first production vehicles were delivered to the Palatini Corps' Kampioen Guards in 1707 AN.

Like the SG-1 and the Horjin CV35, all variants have eight-wheel drive. Unlike earlier versions, the SG-6 has a capacity to controllably deflate its tires to increase surface area contact and reduce ground pressure while on soft terrain. All variants have paired smoke grenade launchers.

Currently, the SG-6 Raftback comes in the following variants:

  • RB (Mobile Gun). 105mm rifled tank gun (38-round autoloader), Coaxial 7.62 mm MAG MG, Polybolos 12.7mm HMG (optional).
  • ALB (Anti-Air Gun). Four 30mm autocannons in pairs (2000 rounds).
  • RH (Mobile Command). Polybolos 12.7mm HMG.

Configurations not being carried forward from the SG-1 Baker King are due to request from the Imperial Commission for Defence requesting the development of lighter vehicles (reconnaissance) or heavier vehicles (electronic warfare, engineering) for those roles.