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BK-1A1 is an 8x8 wheeled combat vehicle designed and manufactured by the Guttuli Protectorate. Its overall design is based upon the Horjin Combat Vehicle 35, with a design updated and modernized to fit with the needs of the Guttuli Corps. As with the Horjin Combat Vehicle, the BK-1A1 is manufactured to serve as a platform upon which different weapons and equipment can be installed in order to fulfill a variety of combat roles:

  • Mobile Gun: 105 mm rifled tank gun with 30-round autoloader
  • SPAAG: 2x35mm autocannons with 320 rounds anti-air and 40 rounds anti-tank, 1 SAM missile pod
  • Reconnaissance Vehicle: 35mm autocannon, 8-round grenade launcher, and surveillance mast
  • Engineering Vehicle, Light: front-mounted bulldozer blade (can be exchanged for mine disarmament or hydraulic arm), capacity to dismount 4 sappers or towed vehicle recovery
  • Electronic Warfare Vehicle
  • Command Vehicle

The initial run of the BK-1A1 lacked an air-conditioning system for its interior, necessitating that crew be issued with cooling vests that used pumped water to regulate their body temperature. Following its initial combat deployment in southern Lunaris, it became clear that this deficiency also caused its computer systems to overheat. The design thereafter was adapted to include a cooling unit for the computer systems and cabin.