Royalty of Angsax

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The royalty of the Anglo-Saksen Commonwealth claims lineage from the ancient Kings of Arminy and Cranda. As of 1712 AN, the current High King is Johann IV, a direct descendant of Johanns fonn Klosso (aka Johann I).

Line of Klosson

  • Johanns fonn Klosso (King of Arminy) m. † Helga fonn Aujo
    • Jor Klosson (Prince of Arminy, Duke of Vaan Aujoen} m. † Freya Lorrsdottir
      • Gellir Klosson (Duke of Vaan Aujoen) m. † Gudrid Buurg
      • Vikka Klosson (Lady of Zumerhaven) m. † Orion II (Duke of Lac Glacei)
    • Johann II (King of the Saksens) m. † Tilda of Anglien (Princess of Anglien)
      • Johann III (King of the Saksens and Angles) m. † Mara of Ter-sog (Princess of Jutien)
        • Johann IV (High King of Angsax)
          • Ilse (b. 1692)
          • Johanna (b. 1698)
          • Liselotte (b. 1700)
          • Eva (b. 1704)