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Razzie Waldfürcht

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Painting of Razzie Waldfürcht on horseback, patrolling the Lanzerwald.
Painting of the wedding of Razzie Waldfürcht and Charlène Jolicoeur-Schafenweide

Razzie Waldfürcht
Razzie waldfurcht.png
Full name Razzie Waldfürcht
AKA Razzia
Pronouns She/her
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color and style Blonde
Eye color Grey
Skin color Light
Biographical information
Father Ludwig Waldfürcht
Mother Sigrid Feldmaus
Spouse Charlène Jolicoeur-Schafenweide (m. 20.XII.1718)
Children Jonah (adopted)
Leela Jolicoeur-Schafenweide (step-daughter)
Date of birth 1693
Place of birth Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen, Sankt Ludwigshafen
Date of death /
Place of death /
Residence(s) Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen, Sankt Ludwigshafen
Nationality Ludwiggian
Allegiance(s) Sankt Ludwigshafen
Occupation Partisan leader

Razzie Waldfürcht (born 2.III.1693 in Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen) is a partisan leader from Sankt Ludwigshafen. She and her all female partisan group Sisera's Angels are known for their raids on rebel settlements in the Lanzerwald.