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Rænan (Præta "Purifier") is a transcendi in the Cedrist Faith. Similar in nature to Agni, Rænan is the clean-burning fire that purifies the world of evil, allowing nobility of heart to shine forth.

The Cult of Rænan became widespread throughout eastern Benacia following the Kalirion Fracture, and became a beneficiary of state sponsorship under Salome. The Cult of Rænan served to unify and replace other cults that were deemed insufficiently loyal to the Golden Mango Throne. This phenomenon was most notable in the Guttuli, where the Protectorate State had sponsored the Cult of the Radiant Sun. Being that the Radiant Sun belongs to the Imperial Cult, and this Guttulinese cult intentionally turned away from the Imperial Cult, and had been used instead as part of the Protectorate's program of indoctrination and ethnic cleansing, Temples to the Radiant Sun were converted over to Temples to Rænan. Any lingering reference in the Guttuli to the Radiant Sun would thenceforth be the sole purview of the Cult of the Imperial Household, which operates under the direct authority of the Crypteia.


The spread of the Cult of Rænan can also be connected to that of Laqi intrusion into the cultural elite of Brookshire and the Guttuli, due to analogy with a Laq cultural hero, Iašy. In the Dawn Years, Iašy tutored Ešit as a child, imbuing him with a severe attunement to the law and for justice in preparation for the time when he would inherit the Sovereignty. As an elder, Iašy was made the first chief priest at the Temple to Heaven, inaugurating its solemn rituals. He also tutored Ešit's children. He awarded Ešit's daughter, Lyqoe, with ł'yġe for her martial skill, in contravention to the customs among the nations (who prefer to sequester and debase their women instead of train them); later, he judged the competition between Ćyke and Lyqoe to determine who was more worthy of inheriting the Sovereignty upon Ešit's death.

For his absolute dedication to the law, Iašy was taken up into Heaven and became divine. His judgment continues by way of the thunderclap and of lightning. Among Laqs, being killed by lightning is considered a sign that one possessed an extremely noble spirit worthy of Heaven.