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Professor Frederic Umbridge Hazelrigg is a Natopian physicist and aerospace engineer of Hazel heritage. He was born in Oakham, Flaventia, to devout Bovic parents. He attended the Eucal University where he earned a degree in physics, with a minor in computer science, and then went on to the Ducal University in Borders City where he earned his Master's in Aerospace Engineering. His thesis project was on integrating computer security systems by deeply entwining the code to the structural design of a space vessel. His work on computer security got him recruited as a civilian employee of the Natopian Defense Force Spacefleet. During his tenure at the Natopian Spacefleet he spent 8 months working as a contractor for the Natopian Security Forces to upgrade various computer systems and other classified projects.

After his time at NSF he registered as a pacifist and began vocally criticizing some of the Natopian government's positions and activities in the world. His security clearances were revoked and could not return to his job at the Spacefleet. He returned to academia and earned a Ph.D. in theoretical quantum physics.

He is on the faculty at the Prince's University in Eadricton, one of Natopia's leading spaceflight research universities due to its proximity to Angus Spaceport. There he teaches advanced graduate seminars. He recently obtained tenure and status as full professor before going on personal leave for a pilgrimage to Elijah's Rest.