President of Klaasiya

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President of Klaasiya
Geroika Sunoak
since 3 Tasneber 1694 AN
Style Madam President
Residence Palace of the Bay
Appointer Elected by popular vote
Term Between 2 and 12 years

The President of Klaasiya is an office under the Constitution of Klaasiya and the principle executive officer of the Demesne. Under the Constitution, the President is elected directly by the people not less than once every 12 years.


The Constitution grants explicit rights to the President, which can be categoried in three areas: Executive, Legislative, and Martial. All such powers, except for the marital powers, are subject to a non-overridable veto of the Senate of Klaasiya.

Executive powers

As the primary officer of the Executive branch, the President and his Cabinet are responsible for executing the laws. To faciliate that, the President is constitutionally empowered to "exercise any such powers as may be necessary to fulfil its functions". In addition, laws passed by the National Assembly and the Senate can grant the President further authority to make appointments and regulate agencies and institutions, such as the power to appoint the Chair of the Board of Governance of the Klaasoft Corporation.

The Presidential power to make nominations extends to a sole Associate Justice of the Constitutional Court, as well as any number of members of the Cabinet.

Legislative powers

The President enjoys the power of legislative veto, allowing him to "veto any bills passed by the legislative branch". Presidential vetos can be overriden by a vote of two thirds of the National Assembly. The Constitution also confers the power of dissolution of the National Assembly in the hands of the President, except for the cases when a member of the executive branch is under impeachment by the Assembly.

Marital powers

As Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, the President has authority to command the armed forces, subject to several constitutional limitations. These limitations include provisions for marital control under Imperial law, as well as requirements that there be a "clear, present and immediate danger" to Klaasiya or the Empire for the armed forces to engage in an armed conflict.

List of Presidents of Klaasiya

This list contains only Presidents under the third democratic era of Klaasiya. Prior to that, Llyr Angus-Moonoak served as President of the Confederate States of Klaasiya, after his abdication as Tsar.

Party Office holder Term Election
FJBP logo.png Geroika Sunoak 1694-?? 1st President of Klaasiya elections