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Paleys Raiselle

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Raiselle from the west, with a view on the artificial Noorbekken (Noor bassin), named after David Kalirions grandmother, Empress Noor.

The Paleys Raiselle, or Raionpaleis, or in English Palace Raiselle, was built as a royal palace in 1665 AN. The goal was to construct a huge and impressive palace complex, north of 's Koningenwaarde. The building project was started to promote the Ultraroyalists goal to get David Kalirion (nephew of the Shirerithian Kaiser) on the Batavian Throne. Meant to impress and sway those who were still having their doubts, the palace was constructed to house a large number of guests.

It inspired many architects, as Adolf Perrier, to experiment with the Batavian Renaissance style.

While not serving as a residence of the King, nor of David Kalirion, it was designated by the state authorities in 1669 AN to serve as meeting place for the Batavian Confederation. The large gardens and forests allowed the dignitaries to retreat themselves from the busy conferences once in a while, which made it serve its goals excellent.