Palesmenian United Trade Unions

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Palesmenian United Trade Unions
Répasnék Palesmenijan Késunías
Industry Worker's Rights
Founded June 2019
Headquarters Ábbad, Palesmenia

The Palesmenian United Trade Unions (PUTU) (Palesmenian: Répasnék Palesmenijan Késunías, RPK) is an organization of trade unions that advocates for worker's rights within Palesmenia. It was created after the major Trade Unions known as the UIA (Usámigi ú Isájuna Ané, Association of Farmer's Rights) and DAS-AGFS (Désiyuor Asénsiad Súd i Audensí Gón Frént Ságona, Southern Workers Board- Liberal Free Trade Front) joined together to form one union. Since then, a number of unions have joined the RPK. The Union advocates for worker's rights, fair and equal pay, and compensation for injured and disabled workers.

Member Unions

Full Name Abbreviation Member Since Leader Notes
Usámigi ú Isájuna Ané UIA June 2019 Shónas Héne Founding Member
Désiyuor Asénsiad Súd i Audensí Gón Frént Ságona DAS-AGFS June 2019 Héla Ghúnas Founding Member
Unía Aúdensí Férsa Ládeskolí Nasé UAFLN June 2019 Lúsna Késanasobadá
Unía ú Répasnék Súdain Indúskonyeúsas ú Palesmenijna URSIP June 2019 Búnas Petrísa
Lóda Basé Lása ú Odé Isájuna LBLOI June 2019 Kés Menovétó
Palesmenijan Unía ma Isájuna i Asénsiad PUIA July 2019 Lúsa Iúdana
Ságona Asénsiad Désiyuor SAD July 2019 Iyúsa Léspecs
Fáselkaéria Indúskonyeúsas Palesmenijna Norúden i
Oné Ertéskjheus ú té Bía Tyalar
FAPN-OEBT July 2019 Késerlaké Davínsa

Notable Actions

Taylor Bay Oil Strike

In late 175 NDS, the RPK called a strike for the employees of several Taylor Bay oil companies due to their inability to make a new contract that protected workers rights. The strike only lasted for 5 days before the companies gave into the striker's demands. A general rights contract was drafted, which the RPK seemed adequate with.