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Nation: Palesmenia
Population: 8,831
Predominant language: Palesmenian

Main roads: A'ydaryá Runcudaé Yuo
Major districts: Súd, Nórud

Current mayor: Phoye Mg San Wain
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Talíbate-Lý (English: Palm Bay, formerly Nasir'i Vyurmá, Nasser's landing) is a city located on the island of Aydare (Palesmenian: A'ydaryá). It was set up as part as an armed forces expansion project. It was then settled by many of the family of soldiers, giving it the nickname of "The Soldier's City".


The original site of the city is what used to be the capital of Gerenian East Keltia. Upon the collapse of Gerenia, the city fell into anarchy. The island was known to Palesmenian pioneers even before it's settlement. In early 2019, the first ships of settlers, mostly reserve and retired soldiers, arrived at the site of the city. The city was found mostly intact, bar the graffiti everywhere. Today, the city has been building quite steadily, with a major port being opened. In the year 1678 AN, soon after Ekitzer Akhman, the name of the city was changed to it's modern name after the Lókizma Edict.