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Miqah Verion

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Miqah Verion
Full name Miqah Verion
AKA Michael Verion
Physical information
Species Human
Race Elfinshi, Norse
Gender Male
Hair color and style White
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Other Not very prone to smiling
Biographical information
Father Kaiser Verion I
Mother Athiël Elessar
Date of birth 1607 AN
Place of birth Shirekeep, Shireroth
Date of death IV.1682
Place of death Santa Martha hospital, Valarion
Residence(s) Black Temple, Valarion
Nationality Shirithian
Allegiance(s) Gran Verionia
Occupation Supreme Director last

His Grace, Elu Miqah Jacobion Verion, born Michael Jacobion Verion, was a Shirithian-born Verionian political figure and military commander. Following a distinguished career in Shireroth, Miqah Verion left for East Keltia where he settled in what would become the Verionian Empire. He was responsible for laying the foundations of the Empire and serves as the Elu, or emperor. He retained the position of Elu following the Union of 1682 that established Gran Verionia, which transformed in that of Supreme Director in 1682. In addition, he was the head of the House of Verion. He passed away following a stroke in IV.1682 and was buried in the crypt of the Black Temple.


Miqah Verion, known in Shireroth as the Viscount Verion of Cherokee from 1661 until 1672, spend the majority of his life in Goldshire. His adult life was spend as a military figure, who currently serves as Magister Militum of the Imperial Order of Technomaezji, later known as the Ordo Imperiale Decimae, as special branch of the Imperial Forces. Verion was Director of S.W.O.R.D. from 1628 to 1643. As longest serving Director of the agency, Verion is credited with developing S.W.O.R.D. into a ruthless and effective shadow unit of the Imperial Army. In 1652, Verion was appointed as Minister of the Interior.

Miqah Verion was born as Michael Jacobion Verion, the second son of Kaiser Verion I. When his brother, Alix Verion|Alix. entered their father's footsteps into a political career, Miqah chose a life in the Armed Forces. He served as an informer for the Imperial Government in Cimmeria to track the followers of the Holy Church of the Divine Icebear. The Verion name enabled him to move in the inner circles of the Church. After his true objective was disclosed after a hack in the computer system of the Imperial Forces, he had to flee Cimmeria in a hurry. From this day on, he and his brother Alix were sworn enemies.

After his cousin Ivan Verion pursued the cause of Socialism in Yardistan and was removed from office, Miqah took over the position of director of S.W.O.R.D. serving the agency for 15 years. For his services to the nation, Verion was elevated to the titled nobility in 1661 as Viscount Verion of Cherokee.

Following an Ayreonist assassination attempt in the fifth month of 1664 Viscount Verion was placed on the inactive reserve and removed from day to day command of the Ordo Imperiale Decimae.

Gran Verionia

Following the participation of the House in Verion in several Northern rebellions, the political and military career of Miqah Verion had no future. In 1667, having spend three years in recovery from wounds sustained in the assassination attempt, he joined an Iron Company expedition to South East Keltia. Here he stayed for three years with the Umanyiah tribe, who roam the Roqq desert. Miqah underwent a significant spiritual transformation and changed his name to Miqah. Although impressed by the Umanyiah culture, Verion noticed the lack of leadership and unity in South Eastern Keltia, and set out to introduce Verionist principles to advance the people. By doing so, he laid the foundation for what would become a loose federation of tribes and cities, that eventually resulted in the formation of the Verionian Empire.

Following the Great Disaster in late 1675 and the disintegration of the Verionist state in Benacia, his cousin Regina Verion, accompanied by a number of ideological Verionists, close allies and merchants, joined the efforts of Miqah. In the same year, Miqah was crowned as Elu, or "Head" of the Empire.

The Union of 1682, which saw the states of the Verionian Empire merge with Kasterburg and Los Liberados established the Confederation of Verionian States, commonly known as Gran Verionia. Miqah continued to serve as Elu, although the position has lost much of its power and currently mainly has a ceremonial status.

In III.1682, Miqah Verion suffered a stroke and was declared incapacitated. Following his incapacitation, a political crisis emerged. Since the office of Elu was tied to the House of Verion, the immediate successor would be Regina Verion, who also served as President of the Council of Government. The Grand Council of Verionian States, not willing to consolidate all power in the hands of one person, created the office of Supreme Director to replace the position of Elu. Miqah Verion remained the head of state of Gran Verionia, but three days later, Washar Godolphin Viqh was appointed as acting Supreme Director. He passed away on IV.1682 and was buried in the crypt of the Black Temple.