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Not to be confused with Max.

Maximos is a British micronationalist who has been ensnared in micronationalism since late 2005. He had previously been involved with the seccessionist micronation of Kemetia, has founded four micronations and has been a citizen of many more. Often involved in micronationalism with fellow micronationalist Aster, many more abortive attempts by Maximos to found micronations are floating around the internet, including Altinstan and Hansebau.

Entering micronationalism through Matbaa, he later went on to found the Kazari PSR and Ashkenatza, leading all these nations at various points throughout their history. A Commander in Babkha's IBAF, he has been an active Babkhan citizen since joining the Kingdom in 2008 and was appointed Minister of Information and Public Relations in the cabinet of Truvus Roshnâm Slôbôvi Shahanshah. His career in Ashkenatza has been varied, ranging from Nohsi (Head of State) to Dayan (Minister of the Interior and Judiciary) and Foreign Minister. Maximos' citizenship in Shireroth has also been an eventful one- though never holding a cabinet position he has been Baron of K'Tzuni and Count of Modan-Lach where he developed the Laqi culture, briefly declaring the latter independent as the Laqi Free Republic in 2010. He was one of the first citizens in the newly revived Lighthouse City State in September 2010.

Maximos became known as Mahmud Ašur Khan in Babkha in Summer 2010 and considered running for the Majlis. His Babkhan persona has Assyrian roots which can be traced back to Matbaa and he is enthusiastic to develop the culture of the Assyrian minority in Babkha in future.

One of Maximos' many avatars

He was also briefly President of the CIS and a special cartographer and council member for the MCS. Maximos was also the recipient of a FNORD award in 2009 for his journalistic work in the Ashkenatzi publication, the Litovsker Tagblatt. He can usually be found in Antica where his propensity for 'vacuous waffling' can be seen in all its glory, or on MicrasWiki as part of its 2010 refurbishment project.

He has been known in micronationalism under many pseudonyms since 2005, such as Moshe Goltz (in Ashkenatza), Maksym Izaak Rozenthal, Maximos Qutreh bar Idwharioun (in Matbaa), Maksim Makmaduular (in the Kazari PSR), Maksym Goltzov, Maksym Hadjimehmetov (in Shireroth), Massimilliano de Rosenthali, Yahya Akbar Khan, Mahmud Ašur Khan and Mahmud Khan Qutreh (in Babkha) and Philoctetes J. Morgan (in the Lighthouse City State).


As of 2010 he has held Babkhan, Matbaic, Ashkenatzi, Shirereithan, Tellian, Laqi, Lighthouse City State and Paulovian citizenships at various points throughout his micronational career.


Maximos is proud to have been awarded three FNORD Awards- in 2007 he recieved the Bill Dusch Award for Micronational Cultural Development for his work in Matbaa the previous year, and in January 2010 recieved the Iain Jacobson Award for Journalism for his work in Ashkenatza on the Litovsker Tagblatt. In 2011 he was jointly awarded a third FNORD with Harvey Steffke, the RIMA Award for Micronational History, for his work on MicrasWiki.