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Marshen Motors

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Marshen Motors is a vehicle manufacturer company headquartered Kingsrise, Batavia.


Founded in the year 1645, Marshen Motors opened their first factory in the harbour district of Kingsrise. The company started out producing affordable cars with the intend of bringing the freedom of transportation to the middleclass of the city.

The first line of cars and trucks that were produced were able to outcompete the few cheaper vehicles on the marked as they could boast about their vastly superior quality. On top of that the Marshen Motors vehicles were much cheaper than others that had a similar level of quality. This was mainly possible because Marshen Motors was the only car factory in Kingsrise at that moment, meaning they were not subjected to the same import taxes as their foreign competitors.

Even so the company still suffered financially in the first few years, but subsidies from the Kingsrise government helped the company stay afloat.

With the support of the local government the company was able to launch numerous publicity campaigns to showcase the Marshen Motors as the vehicles of the future. At the same time, they invested heavenly in the education of future mechanics, ensuring that these would be more familiar with the Marshen Motors designs than those of competitors. This in turn resulted in the disappearance of the general car repair shops as they were being replaced with specialised Marshen Motors repair stations.