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Nation: Kingdom of Batavië
Population: 7 million
Predominant language: Common Tongue, Diets

Main roads: /
Major districts: City Centrum, Harbour District, Factory District, Tall Rise Centrum

Leadership: City Council
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Kingsrise is a metropolitan city located in the south of the kingdom of Batavia on the continent of Benacia. The river Issel runs through the city. Kingsrise is a Free City, which grants it a certain autonomy and representation in the Hogerhuis. It's governed by a City Council.

Being the second port city of Batavia allowed Kingsrise to achieve economic success. Kingsrise is an important trading hub and houses the main office of several of chemical, pharmaceutical, entertainment and engineering companies.

In the lasts decades the city has tried to rebrand itself as a tourist hotspot with the city council investing billions in the prevalence of cultural and recreational activities in the city. Kingsrise has everything from museums to cinemas, shopping malls, amusement parks, beaches, clubs, luxury hotels and monuments for the public’s enjoyment.


The city of Kingsrise (at that time known as Voltrue City) was founded as the capital and sole city of the country of Voltrue.

Voltrue was founded in the year 1642 by expatriate Vervollken (led by Aurelia Myksos) fleeing the ruins of Kildare during the Siseran Crusades that effectively wiped out all Kildari civilizations. The people of Vervollkommnung, already a hardy race, sought refuge elsewhere and migrated across two continents and an ocean to eventually land on Benacia.

Aurelia Myksos was instrumental in guiding the development of the city in the early days.When her father Marcus Myksos awoke from torpor in 1644 he took over as High King of Voltrue. To celebrate Marcus his awakening the city was renamed To Kingsrise.

Marcus Myksos together With the High Council that he had created continued to lead Voltrue and Kingsrise on the road to prosperity causing the city to greatly expand during this time, even attracting other refugees from all over Micras.

Unfortunately, this trend would not continue. During the events of the “Year of the Four Kaisers” Marcus had made many enemies and soon the small country of Voltrue was beset upon from all directions. Most of Voltrue’s resources were needed to fend off these attackers. This in turn caused resource shortish, economic stagnation and widespread poverty.

It seemed Voltrue was doomed to perish but Kingsrise was able to find salvation with the emergence of the Sixth Batavian kingdom. An accord was struck. Voltrue would be absorbed into the Batavian Kingdom on the condition that Kingsrise would be allowed to continue to govern itself as an autonomous city independent of Batavian interference. The union would prove to be mutually beneficial for Kingsrise and Batavia. As with the added security and manpower that Batavia provided Kingsrise was able to restore itself and focus on the development and production of various high-quality products again.

Following the merger with Batavia, Marcus discontinued the use of the title of High King and started the process of reshaping the High Council into the democratically elected City council.