Tianchao Chuandui

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Tianchao Chuandui
Flag of Tianchao Chuandui
Part of Kantai-ha

The Tianchao Chuandui or Imperial Fleet is the naval branch of the Jingdaoese Empire. It consists of the Tianchao Haijing, the Imperial Coast Guard, and the Tianchao Haijun, the Imperial Warfleet as well as the Qiangtan Junren, the Amphibious Servicemen or marines. The fleet has its own police force, which maintains discipline and order, it is called the Hai Hegui.

Important naval bases

After the War of Lost Brothers, the Grand Secretariat - under pressure of First Admiral Liang Dumyan - invested in the establishment of numerous larger naval facilities, spread across the country to avoid situations like the Battle of Carama Bay (where a large part of the submarines were sunk when leaving the Antya River.

Map of the Military Regions of Jingdao
Atomic explosion icon.png
Port icon.pngZhuaricheng

Port icon.png = Large Naval base with appropriate facilities to host a large Fleet
Port icon.png = Naval base for basic operations
Atomic explosion icon.png Plan Kibo-teki kansoku


The flag of the Tianchao Chuandui is the historic naval jack of South Batavia.