Makhmud Kalimatov

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Makhmud Kalimatov
Makhmud Kalimatov.png
Full name Makhmud Kalimatov of Waffel-Paine
AKA Mack Kalim
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Skin color white
Biographical information
Date of birth 1671 AN
Place of birth Raynor Point, Drak-Modan
Residence(s) Anmutstadt, Flaventia
Nationality Natopian
Allegiance(s) Natopia
Occupation Business Owner

Makhmud Kalimatov often known as Mack Kalim, is Emperor Consort of Eastern Natopia as the husband of Emperor Nathan III. He is also owner of a successful chain of gyms in Flaventia.

Makhmud Kalimatov was born in Raynor Point, during the Drak-Modani era. His family converted to the Capric-rite of Bovinism during the tumultuous reign of Kizzy Drakland as Queen of Malarboria. During the Drak-Modani Civil War, Makhmud and his parents fled to Neridia and were granted refugee status. They were eventually resettled in Andiopolis where his parents both worked at a seafood processing facility. Living through the civil war, suffering from long periods of food insecurity as they fled, caused Makhmud to develop slowly and appear frail and sickly when he arrived in Andiopolis.

Makhmud met Nathan-Luis during their 9th grade years when they both attended Anshin University High School in Andiopolis. Although the friendship began one-sided, as Makhmud, a Drak-Modani raised in the small Bovic Capric-rite idolized the goatlike features of Nathan, over time the two became good friends. They kept in touch as friends after Nathan was sent to a different high school in Flaventia each year. When Nathan knew that he would attend Nathan & Elijah College, he told Makhmud his plans, who accepted a wrestling scholarship at nearby Gustav Lindstrom University. Makhmud, who was a frail and sickly child, had developed a passion for physical fitness during his highschool years and became AUHS's star wrestler. By the end of their freshman year in college, their friendship had developed into a relationship. In college he found it easier to introduce himself as Mack Kalim and began using this name, although never formally changed it out of respect to his family.

After graduation the couple moved to Mardukhaven, where Nathan-Luix attended law school and Makhmud opened a gym and personal training company. During the three year law program, Makhmud's personal training company becomes very successful. Makhmud remains in Mardukhaven to run his business after Nathan graduates and takes two years to pursue various internships and observations throughout the empire. During this long-distance period of their relationship they take turns visiting each other every two weeks or vacationing together in Dos Gardenias, their favorite getaway.

When Nathan-Luix was appointed as Flaventian Minister-President, the couple bought houses in the capital cities, Anmutstadt and Tassity. At Nathan's suggestion, Makhmud opened gyms in the capitals and Hazelwood City in order to have a presence in all corners of Flaventia. After a year long engagement, the couple was married in a Bovic ceremony in the Cathedral of Saint Sherrith, in Anmutstadt with an additional ceremony conducted in Tassity and a hazkisi root-binding blessing in the Sacred Glade.

In early 1703, the couple announced that they had befriended a lesbian couple and would begin the process of entering into a Quadratic Marriage with the two women. In 1704 he and Nathan-Luix entered into Quadratic Marriage with Sophia McHolme-Neil and Christina McHolme-Neil. In 1704, he became emperor consort of Natopia.


  • 1699-1704: His Grace Makhmud, Duke of Lochhatonia, Duke of Demonsfall, Count of Trias
  • 1704–1709: His Majesty Makhmud, Emperor Consort of Natopia
  • 1709–1716: His Majesty Makhmud, Emperor Consort of Eastern Natopia
  • 1716–present: His Grace Makhmud, Dowager Emperor Consort of Natopia, Dowager Duke Consort of Lochhatonia and Demonsfall