Low Lands Confederation

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The Low Lands Confederation (Dutch: Lage Landen Confederatie) was a short-lived confederation between Charlotta, Flanders and Mayo. The idea behind the confederation began to grow in the summer of 2005 and was performed in December 2005 after much discussion between the participants.

The member states moved their forum to the Flemish one (what in practice just meant the move of Charlotta as Mayo was already on the forum for some time) but the Confederation was soon confronted by major problems. The constitution included some important principles on which the LLC was based, but new and more detailed legislation was necessary. When it became clear that their wouldn't change much, Gert Geens proposed to dissolve the organisation. The Flemish Parliament approved the proposal, which de facto resulted in the end of the LCC and the death of the inactive member states (Mayo and Charlotta).