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List of castles in Francia

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The List of Castles in Francia is an overview of all castles, palaces and Kaiserpfalzen scattered throughout the landscape of the Frankish Empire. Because of the rich history of the country, as well as the cultural backgrounds or different areas, there are different terms for the different buildings.


There are different terms associated with the various structures, but there is no set formulation, only a pattern in the terminology.

  • Castle: an independently reinforced structure that could be defended under medieval conditions. Castles after the Middle Ages have the characteristics of a fortified structure, but cannot necessarily be defended under medieval conditions.
    • A Frankish castle is indicated by the Germanian terms "Schloss" or "Burg";
    • A Froyalanish castle is called a "castle" or "borg";
    • A Gasconian castle is called "château";
    • A military castle is called a "Festung" or "Fort".
  • Citadel: an independently defensible structure that could be defended under medieval conditions, covering an entire city. Sometimes in combination with a castle or fortress. The Germanian word is "Zitadelle".
  • Palace: an office building that has a public or ceremonial function.
    • An imperial residence is called a "Hof" or "Palais";
    • A Kaiserpfalz is an imperial residence, which in terms of architecture is a mixture between a castle and a palace.


Name Place Construction Photo Notes
Arkadius Palace Brandenburg 1673 ArkadiusPalace1.jpg The residential palace of the Emperor of Francia and his family. The palace is privately owned by the Kaiser.
Schloss Babelsberg Babelsberg prior to 1672 Schloss Babelsberg.jpg In private possession.
Schloss Brandenburg Brandenburg prior to 1672 Schloss Brandenburg.jpg In state custody.
Château Cour-de-forêt Amorica Château Cour-de-forêt.jpg In possession of the Princess of Austrasia.
Château de Draguibéliard La Roche-Derrien ChateaudeDraguibliard.jpg The residential palace of the Duke of Gascony.
Palace of Happiness Jorvik 1680 Palace of Happines.jpg The residential palace of the Emperor of Francia and his family in Jorvik.
Hofburg Brandenburg 1678 Hofburg Brandenburg.jpg The official workplace of the Kaiser in the centre of Brandenburg.
Castle Islàn Hyfrost 1630 CastleIslan small.png The seat of the Froyalanish Branch of the House of Ettlingar Freyu, as per the Treaty of the Northern Hereditary Lands.
Kaiserpaltz Frankfurt-am-Oder prior to 1672 Palts Frankfurt.jpg The location where a special session of the Reichstag was held, which introduced the new constitution "Constitutionem Vadum Francorum".
Stone Castle of Norfae Island of Norfae prior to 1672 IslandofNorfae.png The mysterious castle on the island of Norfae, where the Norfae Peace Treaty was concluded.
Schloss Schöneberg Schöneberg prior to 1672 Schloss Schoneberg.jpg A partial ruin that overlooks the valley where the capital was built.