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Kómma ton Syntiritikón Monarchikoí

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Kómma ton Syntiritikón Monarchikoí
(Party of Conservative Monarchists)
Party Leader Basil Tzimiskes
Deputy Leader Vacant
Colour Blue
Headquarters Vey
Political position Traditional social conservatism
Seats in the Synklētos
24 / 60
Local Government None

Kómma ton Syntiritikón Monarchikoí, (English: Party of Conservative Monarchists), emerged as a split of the Conservative and Monarchist Party following the election of Andreas Metaxas as Party Leader. The party stands for traditional social conservatism, economic liberalism, expanding the provision of further education through a self-financing system of student loans, maintaining a hard stance on bringing down the post-war budget deficit through strong economic policies and austerity.

It is currently in a coalition government led by Mesazōn Basil Tzimiskes.

Electoral Performance

Year Synklētos Seats ± Vote Share
1640 5th
7 / 60
N/A 11.67%
1643 6th
8 / 60
+1 13.33%
1648 7th
0 / 60
-8 0.00%
1653 8th
31 / 60
+31 51.67%
1656 9th
24 / 60
-7 40.00%