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Joxin Diez (Iban, June 23, 2004 – December 25, 2005) was the founder of the Republic of Charlotta and as such responsible for the second generation of Dutch micronations. After the coup d'état on August 4, 2004 he declared the independence of the province of Mayo, which became one of the most successful and influential Dutch micronations. Diez was also politically active in the Principality of Victoria, the Ducality of Liberi and the Republic of Flanders under the pseudonym of Charly (Peeters).

Besides politics, he was also active in the media and academic world. As founder of ERAm (Regional News Enterprise of Mayo) he was the driving force behind news magazines linke Nieuwsweek and Digesto.

Ideologically speaking, Diez can be labeled as a social democrat or an adherent of social liberalism.

Joxin Diez is an ancestor of Mateo Diez Mattiassen.