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Flag of Frankfort
Coat of Arms of Frankfort
Coat of Arms
Motto: Unity in freedom
Location of Frankfort
Administrative Division
Founded ~1470 AN
Leadership Max Mahlau
Transport hubs Frankfort Luchthaven
Major roads A1 and A46
Rail connections

Frankfort (Germanian: Frankfurt; Gascon: Francfort) is a city in Gascony, Batavia. It lies on the river Oder. Its Germanian name was common until the Amokolian Revolution when the Amokolian name Frijfort was preferred. After the transfer of the city to Batavia, the city was renamed after its current name.

The city appeared on the map (6.3.0 - 6.6.3) at the time of the Commonwealth of Puritania as a city in the Principality of Saxony. When the Kingdom of Amokolia was re-established in 1672 AN, the city came back on the map. When Amokolia became Francia, the city became Frankish too. In 1685, the city was transferred to Elwynn, and then in 1691, transferred to Batavia.


Noah Brücke

The bridge spans the Oder, which flows west of the city of Frankfurt-am-Oder. It bears the ReichsStraße 1 highway, which goes via Frankfurt-am-Oder to Brandenburg. The bridge was built in 1623 AN, but since 1651 AN closed for traffic. The border with Storish Gascony is only a few meters west from the bridge.

The bridge was unofficially known as Noah Brücke, named after Noah Hallbjörnsson, until 1685.


The Kaiserpfalz (Kaiser Palatinate) is one of the oldest buildings in the city. This building was the setting for the foundation of the Frankish Empire in 1678 AN, when the new constitution was signed here. The new constitution bears the name of the city: "Constitutionem Vadum Francorum" (Constitution of Frankfurt).