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Forajasakian 2617 general election

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Forajasakian 2617 general election
← RP 2612 12 October RP 2617 RP 2622 →

All 161 seats in Representives' Hall

  First party Second party
  File:Abdul Mukkadim.jpg File:Mat Abdullah Sabri 2018.png File:Awang Abdul Aziz.jpeg
Leader Abdul Mukkadim Mat Abdullah Sabri Awang Abdul Aziz
Alliance BF GS
Leader since 17 April RP 2612 10 February RP 2616 24 May RP 2605
Leader's seat Rumah Sakar Palau Bakhil
Last election 34 seats 50 seats 20 seats
Seats won 34 61 18
Seat change 0 11 2
  Fourth party
  File:Stanley Wadlow 2020.jpg
Leader Stanley Wadlow
Party SPOF
Leader since 19 January RP 2614
Leader's seat Kemaru
Last election 4 seats
Seats won 8
Seat change 4

The Forajasakian 2617 general election, formally known as 6th/12th Forajasakian general election is a sixth Forajasakian election. It was held in 12th October RP 2617 for members of 6th Federal National Council.


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Electoral system

Date and cost of the election