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Dinas Celebarad

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Dinas Celebarad
Capital city of the Kingdom of Celebarad
Coat of Arms of Celebarad
Coat of Arms of Celebarad
Motto: "Dinas i Tîr Arian"
City of the Silver Tower
Celebarad photomontage
Celebarad at the turn of the New Age
[[|250px|Location of Celebarad|frameless]]
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Country Three Kingdoms the Three Kingdoms
Kingdom Celebarad Kingdom of Celebarad
Founded Filadin 1467
 • Aldrich Oliënder Varmion
 • Citizen's Assembly Council of Burghers
Population 842,032
Demonym Celebaradi
Time zone(s) CMT+9

Celebarad (also known in Celebaradian as Dinas Celebarad, or City of Celebarad) is the capital and largest city of the eponymous Kingdom of Celebarad, and one of the most important cities of the Three Kingdoms. Celebarad is a port city, with a harbour to the Great Western Sea. Due to its location, it is an important city in the trade between Keltia, Benacia and Cibola. Within the Kingdom of Celebarad, the city remains the most important settlement, being home to the King and housing the government of the Kingdom. It is also one of the oldest cities on Micras, founded by the Menelmacari in the mid-14th century AN.


The name Celebarad derives from the Menelmacari for Silver Fortress, after the silver mines that are found in the vicinity of the city. In the modern tongue, it has taken to mean Place of Silver, and when used to the wider kingdom, the translation Land of Silver is frequently given.


Celebarad was founded in the 15th century by the Menelmacari. Following its foundation, it has a long history as a port city and hub of commerce and industry. After the Fall of Menelmacar, its city status was relegated by the Viking invaders. in the late 17th century, the city that was reduced to a town re-established itself as a strategic location on the Great Western Sea. With the arrival of the Calbain, Celebarad quickly rose to prominence as the most important staple city for the trade between Calbion and North Island. The city retained far-reaching autonomy during its time as part of the Calbain overseas empire, with allowed it to develop a separate culture and system of government.


Like all major cities in the Kingdom, Celebarad is governed by an Aldrich who governs the city in the name of the King. Oliënder Varmion is the current Aldrich, being appointed in 1721. The Aldrich is aided by a Council of Burghers, which consists of citizens of note from the city and is appointed by the Aldrich.


As capital city of the Kingdom, Celebarad is home to the Silver Palace, an illustrious complex in the hills of the upper city which is not only the home of the King of Celebarad, but also the seat of the Council of Nobles and the meeting place of the General Conclave. Just outside the city limits is the sacred mountain of Ailendil, on which the Temple of the Stars is located. This temple, which has an open roof and a perfect lake in its centre that reflects the night sky, is the religious centre of the Kingdom and a holy sight for the Celebaradi. Other places of note within the city are the Hillhouses, homesteads built steeply into the rock of the upper city, the Great Port, and Caer Isarna fortress, which consists of an intricate network of guarded towers, bridges and a castle.

The Port of Celebarad