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Dark Berry Islands in Microvision 2021

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The Dark Berry Islands was represented at Microvision 2021 by Samantha Barks, with the song "On My Own".


In recent years, the Fasthey family feud and the surrounding civil unrest in the Dark Berry Islands have led to many feeling isolated and lost, with ordinary life having being put on whole. But as Barks reminds us, even in the darkest of nights, light still penetrates through and the human beings that make up our islands are still capable of love, even if they are not able to act on their desires.


Reactions and propaganda

  • Constancia Constancia: By order of the Autokrator of Constancia, this piece was aired for regular periods on national and state television, intermixed with images of the Autokrator, to great propagandic effect, effectively relaying the message that the people of Constancia are lost without the presence of their Autokrator. The composer was provided a one-off royalty payment of 2 million Imperial Staters.
  • Senya Senya: Senyan audiences were appreciative of the stellar vocal performance and the way the singer was able to portray emotion through her voice whilst still keeping an outstanding and listenable performance.
  • The Hexarchy The Hexarchy: The song proved popular among natives of Karnak, a major realm in The Hexarchy. The harsh desert life of much of the country's interior, paired with their deadly fights with kaiju until modern times created a picture unlike that the citizens of the DBI experience. It was also a hit with the native populations of Arumen and Pyrax, due to the natives' daily lives of hardship that lasted until very recent times.
  • Floria Floria: Vocal performance was well appreciated by the Florian public.
  • Lac Glacei Lac Glacei: Lac Glaceians considered this a very moving performance.