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Council of the United Isles

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The Council of the United Isles is the fused legislature and executive of the United Isles. It consists of nine members, with three representatives from each constituent nation. Since the confederation has very limited competencies and widely different political systems in the nations, the confederation is not a representative democracy per se, rather a coopted directorial system. The council is divided into three chambers with one representative from each nation in each chamber. The three chambers handle the three confederal competencies: foreign affairs, defence and monetary policy. The chairman of the foreign affairs chamber bears the title Representative and acts as the chief representative of the United Isles abroad.


Nation Chamber Name
Florencia Chamber of the Treasury
Florencia Chamber of the Seas Pasquale Paoli
Florencia Chamber of Cannons
Iridian Isles Chamber of the Treasury Palo Prags
Iridian Isles Chamber of the Seas Tlato Mengs
Iridian Isles Chamber of Cannons Bongo Trals
Naudia'Diva Chamber of the Treasury Ihaia Te Kirukamira
Naudia'Diva Chamber of the Seas
Naudia'Diva Chamber of Cannons