Clementsgrad derby

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Clementsgrad derby
City or region Klämen, Gerenia
First contested 8 August 2012
Teams involved KZ Clementsgrad
KA Bazree Mäeklenes
Most wins KZ Clementsgrad (2)
Top scorer Bradt Padak (4)

The Clementsgrad derby is the second most important rivalry in Gerenia, and the most important in the city of Klämen. It is contested between KA Bazree Mäeklenes and KZ Clementsgrad, the 3rd and 4th biggest teams in Gerenia in terms of number of fans.


Mayfield Bazree AC was founded in mid-2012 in Clementsgrad, today Klämen. In August, the amateur team Clementsgrad XXI changed its name to Clementsgrad United, and became professional. The first match between the clubs was played in August 8th, 2012, for the 2012–13 AEFA Champions' League Qualifiers, with United thrashing Bazree by 5–1.

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