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Flag of Kingdom of Castrigia
Motto: Pro Regis, Pro Populis
Anthem: Castrigia, fantastic Country
[[|200px|Location of Kingdom of Castrigia|frameless]]
Map versions none
Capital Dergova
Largest city Raznav
Official language(s) Batavian, Common
Official religion(s) Catologism, Christianity
Demonym Castrigian
 - Adjective Castrigian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 - King Jacobus I
 - Legislature Senate
Establishment November 17, 2007
Existed since 2006
Area N/A
Population 14.500
Currency Castrigian Crown
Abbreviation CAS
Time zone(s) {{{timezone}}}
National animal Monkey
National drink Coffee

Castrigia, Batavian: Castrigië, was a small nation that underwent several cosmetic changes over its years of existence. It was officially founded on November 17, 2007, but existed since late 2006.


Founded in 2006 as the Principality of Castrigia, the nation emerged as small, independently minded and rather isolated. Under the leadership of King Jacobus I, the nation entered diplomatic contacts with others. Castrigia stood out for its hybrid perception of micronationalism, being officially geofictionalist but simultaneously claiming several small islands on Earth. Being inspired by both Sealand and Molossia, Castrigia reached out to several other secessionist nations and joined the boards. Castrigia established diplomatic relations with various nations during this period, among which were Molossia, Flanderensis and Reino de Buenos Aires.

Meanwhile, Castrigia established contacts with Batavia, with whom it signed the treaty of Raznav, which would have lead to the foundation of a Castrigian Union if it had ever been followed through. A slightly embarassing attempt to claim on Micras, that was discovered by historians, dates around this time.

In 2008, the nation transitioned firstly to the Castrigian Empire, and then to the Kingdom of Castrigia. As the Kingdom of Castrigia, the nation continued its outreach towards other nations, although it remained largely isolated. In the end of 2010, Castrigia had lost its independence and declined.


Through the entirety of its existence, Castrigia has been governed by Jacobus I, first as Prince, then as Emperor, but mostly as King of the Castrigians. Although a legislative body, the Senate, was established, the country has always been governed in an autocratic fashion.

House of Castrigo

The House of Castrigo is the former royal house of Castrigia, the Castrigo family is currently part of the Batavian nobility. Family heads, in direct line, are as follows:


Castrigia had developed a distinct culture. Examples of which include the celebrations around Castrigian Independence day, during which Krumkake and cream is eaten by its citizens, and a national ban on tobacco, which was overturned in early 2010 when the King had taken up smoking.


The military of Castrigia included a small airforce with four planes, and the Royal Guard. The small size of the military is considered an important factor in Castrigia's eventual demise.