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United Republic of Atlantium
Official language English
Capital Arcadia
Largest cities Elysium
Forum Forum was deleted
Number of citizens 4
Number of active citizens 1.5
Date founded May 15,2007
Government Neo Republicanist
Current leader Legiondude(Temporarily)
Currency Gold Pieces
National animal Sea Serpent/Dragon
National drink Root Beer

The United Republic of Atlantium is one of the many micronations that are new and just barely growing. It has recently joined MCS' forums and plans to make a claim hopefully in the near future. It may also be referred to as URA or U.R.A.


May 15th,2007 - The United Kingdom of Atlantea is established

May 16,2007 - After testing out a Google search for the site,Legiondude revises the name to the United Republic of Atlantium to avoid confusion with a newspaper

May 19,2007 - Declaration of Independence is finished

May 20,2007 - Legiondude discovers the Empire of Atlantium is still active and wants to change the name once again,but with the constituion half done and the Declaration done and many more things bearing the name,Legiondude merely puts in a proclomation to avoid confusion

September 3,2007 - Atlantium begins in the construction of a religious theology and plans on modifying their government ideology(Now named Neo Republicanism) to be more unique

September 16,2007 - Legiondude renames Atlantium's Theology to Solvoism (Meaning "free" in Latin) and begins to make three forms of the theology after reading through the topic on Solarism and noting it's forms.Then brining in some elements from Martial Arts and Philosophy to make three original forms of the religion,named after an element to represent how the martial works of that form go.Legiondude also applies for a wiki at ElWiki to display Solvoism in full

September 22,2007 - Legiondude finally finishes and refines the constitution of Atlantium to serve it to Micronational standards.He plans for revising the Declaration of Independence too

~June 2008 - Legiondude creates a new wiki for Atlantium and is currently in progress

October 5,2008 - Legiondude creates a new website after seeing Toteki's Micronational Internation Trade Organization website.

Cultural Tips

  • Religious beleifs and general beleifs are delicate subjects to one who doesn't know another persons stand on them.Up until Solvoism was created,Religious discussion was banned from the Tower of Thought


If you know the governmental setup of the United States government,you basically know about Atlantean government.Yet there are some twists to it.

  • a hierarchy of sorts assures that power can never lead to disasterous results with a President unfit for office moves in.As their status is below a Moderator,but above all others.For more,see the Hierarchy in the Atlantium National Archives
  • Instead of leaving checks and balances on each other,the Administrators and the Moderators do so.

Why the Change in the System?

A certain president of the United States has proven to us that the current legislation is flawed.Atlantium wants to make sure such a happening never comes to the nation.That is why Administrators and Moderators are sent to make sure the integrity of the nation remains justified,but free.Therefore the abuse of power virtually never should come to any one person.

Administrators though might be thought of as that chance for that abuse.Yet it is not so.To reach moderator status you must prove to be an exceptionally hard working person and loyal to the nation.To reach Admin status,you must work even harder for that right.

Admins and Mods even lack political power(Unless the President is absent,then the current head admin takes temporary power;Head admins gain such position for being the most responsible) so any chance of having so much control of the government seems to be very rare

Regional Division

Although Atlantium contains no current claims at the moment,we have planned for states with five distinct cities that are made from the start.The following will list planned regions names in bold and the cities within those regions.

Freedom Sea

  • Arcadia(Containing Fort Genesis)
  • Elysium
  • Maxima
  • Sierra
  • Terra


  • Athenium
  • Ft.Union(Like all other fortresses planned to be built.It's a fortress city)
  • Roma
  • Nassau
  • Marksland

Neo Sparta

  • Port Angul
  • Ft.Gabriel
  • Matthew
  • White Oak
  • Castle Baron(Just a castle decorative piece)
  • Cadence

Upper Kingdom

  • Bablyon
  • Macacia
  • Ft.Micron
  • Liberon
  • Red Maple

Other Cities/Forts

  • Imperial City
  • Blue Pine
  • Ft.Tycon


Atlantium has decided on partaking in a Religious Theology based on Hinduism's basic idea of beleiving on how many divine entities they wish named Solvoism(Free Worship in latin is Solvo Cultus).It's current text is based on the Four Laws of Conscience and the Twelve Facts of Life.There are planned to be three different forms,each including a form of remedial exercises that allow you to express the world around you philosophically and physically.

Militant Forces

Atlantium currently has five major branches of Military service and 16 sub branches,but all are currently inactive at this time.

Atlantium National Army

  • Army Reserve

Atlantium Air Forces

  • Special Ops Stealth Forces
  • Cobra Strike Helicopter Squadron

Atlantium Sea Drakes(Navy)

  • Naval Submariner Defence Force
  • Aerial Launch Forces

Atlantium National Defence Forces(ANDF)

  • Atlantium Coastal Defence
  • Atlantium National Defence Forces
  • Atlantium Intercontinental Ballistic Missle Defence
  • Atlantium Nuclear Defence Network
  • Atlantium Terrorist Defence

Atlantium Honor Guard

  • Presidential Guard
  • Arcadian Defence Forces
  • SWAT Troopers
  • Atlantium Legion
  • Atlantium Tower Guard


Atlantium has a few holidays and are treated all as important unless specified

January 1st:New Years Day

May 15:Atlantium Day

May 19:Independence Day

June 21:Summer Solstice

October 31:Halloween

December 21:Winter Solstice

External Programs

  • Atlantium is considering assembling a sports team
  • ANSA - Atlantium National Space Association:Dedicated to the exploration of space,but is merely an idea at the moment.Note that the acronym when pronounced sounds like "ansuh" or Answer in slang terms.

Other Notes

  • Each Atlantenean GP is worth 1 USD

More coming eventually