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Atheisticus is the Cedrist god of atheism and protector of atheists. Some Cedrist sects consider Elijah Ayreon an avatar of Atheisticus.

Sermon on Atheisticus

Once there lived a man, whose name has long since been forgotten, who disbelieved in all the Cedrist gods and was not afraid to express his lack of faith. He traveled through the towns and through the countryside, preaching the nonexistence of the gods, his mind never wavering from them for a moment. And after a long and harsh life, during which his every thought was of the gods and their laws, he died. When his soul left his body and he found himself in the palaces of the gods, he was understandably surprised. Needless to say, he was quaking in fear when Los, God of Justice, read his verdict as to the fate of his soul.

But the verdict surprised everyone, even the other gods. Because the man had kept the gods always in mind, obsessed himself with them and dwelt on their glory, and never wavered from its divine focus for an instant, he had broken the cycle of reincarnation and achieved transcendence, becoming one of the gods of the Celestial Temple. Because it is Law that a man's fate after death depends on his actions during life, he became Atheisticus, God of Atheists. To this day, he performs his divine duties with exemplary efficiency, watching over atheists and protecting them even though they refuse the protection of the other gods. And when atheists in a tight situation need someone to pray to, they remember Atheisticus, and as often as not he answers their prayers.