As Malarbor Burned

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An Elw translation of Beets Rutherford's As Malarbor Burned.

As Malarbour Burned: The Struggle for Shirerithian Freedom is a political treatise by Antican philosopher and political scientist Beets Rutherford in 1525. The treatise speaks of the ills of Shirerithian society, the exploitation of the commoners, the decadence of the nobility, and how Cedrism binds people to a lower station in society. Its last chapter calls for a revolution of the commoners of Shireroth to do away with their shackles, and establish smaller nation states. Rutherford believed that Shireroth was too large to be governed democratically. Any government, however democratic, over the Imperial Republic would lead to dictatorship over the masses.

After an Elw translation was published in 1530, becoming a catalyst for Elwynnese anti-feudalism. It inspired Rai Avon-El to establish the People's Academy of Elwynn in 1551 as an all-Elwynnese institution of learning, free of feudalist shackles, open to anyone (with restrictions to number of places, of course) without charge. It also inspired the formation of Elijah Ayreon's ideology, which later became known as Ayreonism.

In 1500, the Dinarchy of Antica had split with the old Dinarchy becoming Shirerithian and a new democratic state having been declared, the Republic of Antica, Rutherford aligned herself with the Republicans. As a political scientist, she moved to Shireroth a few years later temporarily to study the "Shirerithianization" of the old Dinarchy. Once in Shireroth, instead of doing as she intended, she travelled around in Shireroth and spoke to ordinary people all over the Imperial Republic.