Anun Armadillo

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Amokolia Anun Armadillo
Full name Anun Armadillo
Nickname(s) Armadillo
Founded 2013
Dissolved 2015
Ground Anun Stadium
(capacity: 16,000)
Manager Amokolia Louis Culf

Anun Armadillo was an Amokolian football club from Anun, which was founded in 2013.


The club was founded in 2013 as a founder member of Soccer League Amokolia. The club was dissolved in 2015 following the death of Amokolia.


Notable former players

B team

Amokolia Anun Armadillo B
Founded 2013
Dissolved 2015

The club also ran a reserve team, named Anun Armadillo B, which competed in Division 2 of the Soccer League Amokolia.