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Albion Football League
Antica (2010–13)
Albion (2013)
Kaikias-Overseas (2013)
Relegation To
Number of Teams
Level on Pyramid
AEFA Champions' League
Domestic Cups
Archons' Cup

The Albion Football League was the top-tier football league in Kaikias-Overseas, and previously Albion and Antica. The league involved eight teams, each playing twenty-one games, totalling 84 games, a season. The seasons began in October and ended in May, with most games being played on Saturdays.


The league was founded as the AntiLeague, organised by the AntiSoc, in 2010 and the first season kicked-off in April 2011 with six teams all from Antica. One season was contested with the league having six teams until an AntiSoc initiative expanded the league to contain eight clubs in 2012. The number of fixtures each team plays per season was increased from fifteen to twenty-one for the 2012 season onwards.

Antica was declared dead in early 2013, and the league became affiliated with the Elwynnese spiritual successor territory of Albion, being renamed in the process. Seven of the league's teams gained Albionese licences, with Aryezädel Fireworshippers representing an independent Aryasht in the same league. One season was played in Albion before the territory was unclaimed and the league's clubs becoming affiliated to the Aryashti territory of Kaikias-Overseas. The league was disbanded later in 2013.


Year Winners Runners-up Third Place
2011 Aurelius Academics Newport City FC Skiron FA
2012 ? ? ?
2013 Aurelius Academics Newport City FC MKF Montauk

Former teams